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Becky Hill

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Becky is the founder and director of HR Now. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her horse, dogs, friends and family. Not necessarily in that order!

Since 2009, HR Now has evolved. Driven by Becky’s fervent belief that smaller businesses can meet the highest standards in staff relations and compliance if they have access to the very best HR expertise at an affordable price. Over the years, HR Now has extended the solutions and services on offer.

Becky is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a fully accredited mediation specialist. With over 27 years of HR expertise working across all sectors she still loves to work alongside management teams, developing commercially aligned and legally compliant people strategies.



In 2012 the International Energy Group (IEG) needed an HR specialist to support their senior management team through a restructure of the company. The ‘click’ was crucial. They wanted an expert who could react quickly, come up with innovative solutions to difficult situations and provide hands-on support throughout. They needed someone independent who could maintain transparent, clear and open communications. HR Now developed a thorough awareness of IEG’s objectives, values, culture and business realities, and together were able to develop and implement restructure project plan. Together we are now in the continuous improvement and development stages.   

'As a business manager, the support from Becky has been invaluable - we talk, she plans and we execute. Becky's support used to be more hands on, but I've grown to understand a thing or two about HR and now Becky's advice and support can be more arm's length, which costs me less but I know I'm doing the right thing and staying compliant. But what I find really valuable is that Becky's advice is always commercially sound and creatively applied, ensuring any approach we take is absolutely right for the business'. Summit Group CI


In 2016 a local multi jurisdictional professional services law firm required an interim HR Director. Becky filled the role for 5 months until a permanent HR Director was on board.

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