HR People Management

HR situations vary and that is why we take a pragmatic approach to provide the support and counsel you need.


By engaging with a neutral third party, the two sides are brought together to air and reconcile their differences before the ‘emotional contract’ is broken and employment ends.


With early intervention into grievances, disciplinary or capability issues your business can avoid expensive disputes or tribunal claims. 


If not resolved efficiently and effectively employee morale, client relationships, business performance and reputations can be affected.


We are also experienced in mediation or conflict resolution and have achieved very favourable results.


Becky Hill, principal of HR Now, is accredited by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), the international benchmark for mediation excellence.

We commissioned HR Now when we were experiencing some very intense “people management” challenges, Tony was extremely helpful and his knowledge, expertise and friendly, flexible, supportive approach was exactly what we needed.


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