HR Toolkits

We know that the most effective tools are those that the ‘customer’ wants to use. They therefore need to be simple, creative, adaptable and sensible.


  • Statements of employment terms (contracts) for permanent and temporary employees and statements for zero-hour workers
  • Handbooks – the traditional paper format or our new digital version
  • Drafting or tailoring policies to align with internal practices and legislation updates
  • Performance processes and goal setting from onboarding to outgoing
  • Processes for the employee lifecycle
  • Job descriptions and recruitment
  • Competencies, talent plans, development matrices and succession plans
  • Wellbeing and reward packages
  • Employee Engagement Surveys

At our outset Continuum took a conscious decision to specialise in data analytics and partner with local, trusted owner-operated experts for all non-core activities. Knowing Becky, asking HR Now for help on our employment activities was an easy one. We started with our own strong beliefs about how we could benefit the employer and team member, and HR Now were able to work with us to make sure that the ensuing contracts and handbook reflected this spirit as well as the law. We are very happy with the materials and support that we receive and would happily recommend HR Now.

Dan Hare