HR Projects

HR Now can support you with short-term or on-going HR projects.

Our specific areas of expertise include:


  • organisation design including team structuring, talent testing and succession planning
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • redundancy programs
  • compensation, T&Cs review and salary benchmarking
  • introducing ‘measurement’ including performance management systems
  • embedding values and behaviours


We typically start with a strategic ‘big room’ workforce planning and together with you design qualitative and quantitative plans and proposals.

When running a small business, handling staff issues can sometimes become too difficult to do by yourself,especially when it comes to navigating employment law.
Becky’s support was never more important when the business went through a merger over two and half years ago.When going through such dramatic change in the business, tensions can, and do, run high.Having Becky alongside as independent counsel and talking to staff directly ensured emotions didn’t get in the way, which was extremely valuable.
These days Becky alerts us to new legislation and how that will impact our business when needs be,
I value Becky’s efficiency, her down to earth approach and that I always know where I am and what I am going to get. I am confident that Becky will help to keep the team on track, and will always be there when we need her most.

Mike Rogers

Managing Director

Summit Group CI