Effective Conversations for Managers

8/24/2022 5 min read

Your managers are at the centre of critical relationships that drive culture, performance, and engagement. Equip them with the tools to get the best from their teams.

As the world of work has changed with the pandemic and accelerated digitalisation, our people managers have navigated unchartered challenges relating to employee mindset, demands for flexibility, a tight labour market, remote collaboration and many more. One of the particular issues we’ve seen post-pandemic, is that the quality of conversation has changed by remote working and businesses are struggling to find the right balance between employee priorities, business goals and new pressures.

As people professionals, we know there is a critical link between people management, business performance and organisational culture


  • Brilliant performers are often promoted into management roles without the management skills they need
  • Accelerated digitalisation post pandemic has created greater demand for work life balance
  • Flexible and remote working are well established but test effective communication, resulting in performance management challenges

Equip your managers with the tools to get the best from their teams.

We know every business is different. We have sought to develop a plan which informs and provides the tools for your managers to be better at communication, more resilient in day-to-day management and provide consistency of approach in relationship building. 

We work with you to understand your particular nuances and then tailor our training to the complexity of your business. Our Effective Conversations 101 manager course will complement your existing blend of management training, the values and behaviours you promote and support equity and fairness across the business. Ultimately, it will ensure your organisation is being managed more effectively at every level, giving opportunities for all your staff to excel, and preventing issues that could arise from miscommunication and misunderstandings.’

Join us for a highly interactive training session

Invite your managers to attend this course …

  • To support them in their management responsibilities
  • If there are frustrations that need addressing with calm positivity to ensure the conversation goes well
  • If you want to increase productivity and develop the potential of your people
  • To create a positive mindset around difficult conversations


  • The power of the conversation to drive positivity, productivity and performance
  • Balance the Employee, Employer and Client needs
  • Agree Expectations and how to Empower and Enable
  • Communication, Communication, Communication 


Effective Conversations Manager Training 101 at HR Now

Maximum 8 attendees @£250 p/p

Half-day Thursday 6th October and Friday 14th October, 2022   



Half-day Effective Conversations Manager Training 101    

Delivered In-House Q4 2022

Maximum 8 attendees @ £1,250 including a 30-minute pre / post 1-2-1

Don't just take our word for How effective it is!

“We have a young management team at Enhance, so coaching is important for all our Line Managers to become well informed on HR legislation and best practices so that they can get the best out of our people whilst creating a modern, compliant and ultimately happy company culture. Over two sessions Becky and Nivek provided the team with foundational HR information and useful management frameworks in a clear and comprehensible way that is already having a positive impact on our business.”

Fergus Gibson, Finance Manager, Enhance Group


To find out more, email Becky@hrnow.je OR nivek@hrnow.je OR call: 01534 747559