Jennie Serious
IN SEVEN WORDS: If you think you can you can



I think people fall into two groups when it comes to careers.  Some know from quite early on in life what they’d like to do and some just explore and discover as they go.  I’ve been extremely fortunate for many reasons, one being that no matter what I’ve done I’ve enjoyed it (my first Saturday job was in a fishmongers!) and another being that although I fall into the second group, I’ve had some great opportunities come my way – and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has given me those opportunities and supported me along the way.

As a result, I’ve enjoyed a career that I didn’t know existed until I was almost at the age they tell you life begins!  My love of English got me into a role within a technology organisation that realised its vocabulary didn’t work for the business decision makers it needed to reach.  I realised that an awful lot of marketing material, at that time, seemed to be written to impress the competition rather than engage those it aimed to inform, advise and partner with.  

Four years on and a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification later I moved into financial services, initially for an internal communications two-year project to support the takeover of one bank by another. From there I went back into marketing to an international audience for an expat banking service, then to a fiduciary services company and shortly after that I decided to set up on my own and apply what I’d learned to as many sectors as possible. For five years I did just that, doing everything from research and PR for major FS companies to owner managed SME’s and start ups.  My full-time career ended back in a permanent role with a very exciting MBO and rebrand. 

Becky was one of the start-ups I mentioned earlier and I am absolutely delighted that she sent me an ‘are you busy?’ text just a few months ago.  Seeing what she’s achieved is incredible and working with her highly motivated and capable team is more than enough to keep me on my toes!

In my spare time I love walking, being with family and friends, being a warden at Gouray Church and I have also been writing children’s books, which is something I plan to explore more in time to come.