Family Friendly Legislation

New legislation was introduced in June 2020. There is no longer a differentiation between types of leave – all now fall under Parental Leave.

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  What you need to know…

  • Right to leave and pay is now equal for both parents – six weeks full pay and 46 weeks unpaid leave to be taken before the child’s/children’s second birthday and a right to return to the same role
  • Leave can be taken in three blocks; each block a minimum of two weeks
  • Employees must notify employers of the intention to take Parental Leave 15 weeks before baby due or seven days before for adoption
  • Dates can be changed with 42 days’ notice
  • Paid statutory parental leave for birth mothers must start on the day the baby is born and the six weeks must be taken together.
  • Antenatal appointments are supported – the birth mother is entitled to be paid to attend all antenatal appointments and anyone with a qualifying relationship is entitled to a maximum of 10 hours’ paid leave to attend antenatal appointments with any attendance to any additional appointments be being unpaid.
  • Keeping in Touch Days - employees on Parental Leave can work 14 hours in a week and a maximum of 70 hours in total before impacting their benefit eligibility. This cannot happen in the first six weeks after birth for the birth mother
  • For a period of 52 weeks after the birth of their child, breastfeeding mothers are entitled to paid breaks at work for the purpose of breastfeeding and/or expressing milk
  • They have the right to apply for a temporary change to terms of employment, following the Flexible Working process, but with shortened timescales.

What you need to do…

  • Make sure you review your handbooks, policies, and procedures to reflect new legislation
  • Communicate these to your employees, making sure they understand the new notice periods
  • Consider if anyone needs specific training
  • Implement a Parental Leave checklist to support your managers.
  • Update or implement Parental Leave application and Breastfeeding Temporary Variation request forms