16 June 2017

New! Free briefing: Managing stress and mental health in the workplace

Recent studies indicate that stress has a major impact on productivity, with the Mental Health Foundation finding that stress, anxiety and depression accounts for 60 million lost working days each year.

But how can you create a working environment that stretches people to achieve great results without piling on pressure and causing stress?

Most people, of course, thrive in roles that help them learn and grow and achieve more than they thought they could. But problems arise when the pressures of work or indeed demands from our home lives make us feel stressed and overwhelmed and unable to cope. 

We all know capable people who have suffered from anxiety and depression that has led to them need to take time off work. This impacts not only on the individual's mental health but also on their colleagues, who must take up the slack whilst they are away from work, as well as the organisation as a whole in terms of increased costs and lost productivity.

As HR consultants, we are regularly called into organisations to support them in dealing with the consequences of situations such as these. This could be in terms of trying to encourage and support people returning to work after periods of long-term sickness or dealing with capability issues for people that are struggling to deliver their objectives or going through disciplinary proceeding resulting form problem behaviour.

Stress and wellbeing 45-minute workshop

To help employers focus more on prevention than cure, and adopt strategies that support their employees, we are hosting short 45-minute Wellbeing at Work briefings to explore the issues around:

  • The causes of workplace stress and what you can do about it
  • How we can create a culture that supports wellbeing and the steps you need to put in place to create a wellbeing plan
  • Having the right HR procedures and processes in place that help you to deal effectively with problems when they come up

Date:    Tuesday, 20 June

Venue:  20 Hill Street, St Helier

To register to attend, please click on the link below:

I'd like to attend the free lunch n learn briefing session at 12.30.

For more information, contact Karen Lysiak at karen@hrnow.je or call us on 747559.

Take the first step and make your place of work a stress free environment.


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