19 April 2018

GDPR for HR Professionals

1) Challenges of GDPR for HR--volume, structured/unstructured, retention, overseas data

2) 5 Actions to take now!

· Audit – do your data audit, analysis and plan your actions across all stages of the employee life-cycle. Do you have the resources to do this?

· Communicate – tell your employee’s what data you hold, what for and how you safeguard it

· Training/Engagement – major training/awareness program

· Update – or draft policies, procedures and SLAs

· Check your contracts, handbooks and any other company wide policies. Is there anything you need in relation to consent?

3) Issues with Consent—freely given, informed, right to withdraw

4) Benefits of GDPR for HR—improved data management, data will be up to date so improved decision making therefore increasing productivity, compliance with GDPR reduces risk of data breach incidents

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