26 April 2016

Changing job descriptions without risk to productivity

A quick and easy guide...

When your businesses goes through a period of change, it's not uncommon for job descriptions to change too.

But, all too often, changes to roles and responsibilities are made without fully considering the needs of the business – a substantial change, for example, could mean the original role has effetively become redudant – or, most importantly, not bring employees onside with the changes they personally need to make. Without explaining to employees why the changes are necessary and what is now expected of them, it is not surprising that performance management and capability issues arrise, and, in the worst cases, lead to disciplinary action.

To ensure that you keep your business on track following a period of change, follow our quick and easy guide when making changes to employees’ job descriptions:

  • My business has gone through an element of change and jobs requirements have changed  what do I need to do now?

  • Awareness – make sure employee understands the reason for the update/change to their job description.

  • Business need identify what the business requires from the role and the specific essentials and desirables. Exercise caution here, if there is a significant change (i.e. +20%) this might constitute a redundancy and the role the employee is performing is actually ‘at risk’. If this is the case contact HR Now for assistance with this process, if not continue with the following steps.

  • Concept and Design – update/review and run through the old job description with the employee and update/design with the updated essentials and desirables. Re-affirm expectations of each other.

  • Implementation sign off the job description with the employee so that expectations are reinforced and can be managed effectively going forward.

  • Act now! Not involving employees from an early stage in changing job descriptions after business change it could cause problems for your business, i.e., loss of performance, lack of employee engagement, an effect on the bottom line, conflict and ultimately dismissal!

Speak to HR Now to avoid the risks and reap the benefits to your business.

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