14 November 2016

Age Discrimination Training - one topic, different solutions

The addition of age into discrimination law on 1 September 2016 has varying implications, from the wording used in recruitment ads, through to managing performance, training, retirement, benefits and more.

Help your staff to fulfil their CPD requirement by learning about the responsibilities they face under the new legislation, as well as the potential impact of getting it wrong. Many of the cases heard under the entirety of the new Discrimination (Jersey) Law have found employers unwittingly guilty of “indirect” discrimination, don’t let that be you.

One topic, different solutions - your choice! 

Every organisation is different, that’s why we provide alternative ways for you to understand the changes and keep you, your clients, your colleagues and your business safe – just choose the right one for you:

  1. in-house training – great for groups, highly interactive and a chance to ask our experts questions. The content is tailored to your business and training objectives and typically lasts one to one-and-a-half hours
  2. access to an online e-learning module – a flexible, comprehensive, quick and easy to use case-based one-hour training module that can be accessed anytime, anywhere

For more information and to discuss costs, contact us at hello@hrnow.je or call on 747559

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