6 September 2016

Age discrimination - test your knowledge

How ready is your workplace for age discrimination legislation? 

Take our quiz and find out

On 1 September, age discrimination will become the third protected characteristic in Discrimination Law (Jersey) 2013.

The changes to the law have far ranging implications for workplace practices, from recruitment to training and benefits, to everyday office activities and will affect employees across all age groups.

But what do the new workplace rules mean in practice? Take our quick ‘real life scenario’ quiz to find out.

  1. You are looking for a new receptionist with a calm and controlled demeanour to manage the switch board, greet clients and book meeting rooms. Can you specify a number of years’ experience?
  2. Should your HR team stop providing a 25 years’ service award or funding cakes for 50th birthday celebrations?
  3. Is it OK to introduce time tests for how quickly maintenance workers reach site locations for a team that includes a well-regarded 62-year old maintenance worker who is overweight?
  4. Is it acceptable to prohibit employees under 25 to contribute to the company pension scheme?
  5. Is it fair to allow one member of staff to reduce their hours to care for their mother but not allow another to reduce theirs to help a local age charity?

For the answers, check out the document attached below.

To find out how to ensure your business remains on the right side discrimination law, or for more information on our e-learning package, contact Rachel Lucas or call us on 747559

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