Managing Change

Projects often require specialist skills or additional resource that may not be readily available in-house.  In the case of managing change, having independent counsel to address and help manage what are often highly sensitive times can be a distinct advantage for management teams as well as for all involved.

The areas we have supported many of our clients include mergers and acquisitions, implementing new business strategies and company restructures as these are among the catalysts that create the need for harmonisation across a range of areas, such as:

  • organisational design including team structure, role development and redundancy management
  • employee engagement and communication surveys
  • employee communication and alignment with your external, client communication
  • employment terms and conditions – contracts and handbook review
  • HR skills training – to help your in-house teams to manage sensitive issues and organisational change
  • introducing flexible benefit schemes
  • aligning HR policies, processes and documentation with the new structure and strategy

Case studies...

Organisational change and redundancy programme – For a bank with entities in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, we helped guide the organisation through an organisational restructure and redundancy programme, successfully navigating the complexity of managing a cross border team across varying employment legislations. With functions moving from one jurisdiction to another, we also successfully motivated staff who had elected to leave the company to train those joining in a different jurisdiction.

Demerger – For a an organisation based in Jersey, we helped the business to transition from being part of a larger parent organisation to becoming an independent organisation. The staff were excited but skeptical, so, whilst the practical challenges of new terms, contracts and so on, were a hurdle, the cultural shift from handcuffs to accountability was the biggest people challenge. Positive progress continues

Moving to another jurisdiction – A small Jersey financial services business was moving part of its operation to another jurisdiction, and had identified single people in single roles that would likely leave the business. Whilst the process is relatively similar to that followed in a large organisation, as employment law has minimum process requirements, the need was to keep it light touch and handle the individuals delicately so that it was not overcomplicated, retaining the personal approach that supported the company’s culture.

Whatever the business sector we can help to develop and implement employment policies and procedures in accordance with current legislation and help you to navigate the challenging area of redundancy if the need arises.

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