HR Skills Training

Our tailored training is designed to fit your specific needs and requirements. Practical and informative workshops are aimed at equipping managers and team leaders with the tools and confidence to enable them to manage people management issues effectively. Events will be highly participative and involve skills practices in small groups using real-life scenarios. They will focus on core skills and practical toolkits. 

Topics include: 

  1. Recruitment and assessment without discrimination
    People managers need to recruit the right people with the right skills, capabilities and behaviours. On an on-going basis, managers need to assess employees for promotion and training opportunities, as well as make those decisions fairly, appropriately and without risk of discrimination.
  2. Talent management, performance management and appraisal
    Managers need to get the best out of their teams. There are a number of ways to achieve this, but what's crucial is to have the right conversations at the right time and provide really good feedback. People managers also need to consider the future, including talent and succession planning.
  3. Managing capability
    Sometimes, in spite of best efforts and good practice in performance management, things just don't work out. Capability or competency can relate to other issues, such as persistent or long-term sickness, which is when matters can only be resolved by effectively agreeing expectations. This seminar will explain how.
  4. How to conduct a fair investigation and disciplinary process
    Disciplinary situations don't always go to plan and occasionally managers have to deal with tricky and daunting processes. These processes are especially difficult when relationships and emotions get in the way. In this situation, procedure is king to making sure everything goes to plan, but it must start with a robust probation process.
  5. Termination of employment – how to avoid claims for unfair dismissal
    Dismissals are generally fair or unfair, lawful or unlawful. What appear to be fair dismissals based on what are clearly fair reasons can easily fall in to being unfair or unlawful. Redundancies are in theory a fair reason, but unfair selection can easily result in an unfair dismissal. This seminar will guide managers creatively and commercially through the dismissal process.
  6. Social media – angels and demons and employee wellbeing
    After a brief introduction to what we mean by social media we talk about how to protect your organisation internally through an effective policy for employees using social media either corporately or personally, giving you some real examples of where there has been misuse in the workplace. Employee wellbeing is coming out of the closet, managers will also confidently learn what they need to do to support their employees.  

We also team up with specialist training providers to develop topical training programmes, including:

Jersey Discrimination Law e-learning package  – HR Now has teamed up with Springstone Learning to create a comprehensive and easily accessible e-learning training package to ensure businesses comply with their requirements to educate their staff about the addition of sex discrimination to the current law.

HR skills training with Jersey International Business School – the second in our a series of “How to…… HR Management skills” in collaboration with Jersey International Business School will be delivered over six sessions covering the entire employee lifecycle. The series will provide a practical and informative overview of HR management, with a local perspective, and is aimed at anyone with responsibility for managing people, developing people policies and processes or managing the people risks in your business. The series commences in September 2016 – reserve your places today!

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