13 December 2017

Social media - protecting your business across the employee lifecycle part 2

Social media – Rules for the workplace 

In today’s digital world, where social media is ubiquitous and all pervasive, it’s crucial that businesses have a very clear social media policy in place to guide employees on what is right when using social media, and what is very wrong.

A company’s social media policy should look to protect the business from potential reputational damage, theft of digital assets and loss in productivity, as well as protect its employees from online abuse. And, most importantly of all, employees should be abundantly clear what that policy is and the ramifications of falling foul of the rules you have put in place. 

In this, the second of our guides Social Media - Rules for the workplace we look at:

  • How Apple protected its brand and avoided the costs of unfair dismissal
  • Why the European Court of Human Rights ruled that a Romanian company was within its rights to monitor an employee's personal social media activity 
  • The risks to your business from social media abuse
  • How to protect your business from social media abuse
  • What elements an effective social media policy should contain

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Our Social Media advice guide series includes:  

  1. Vetting recruits online – dos and don’ts 
  2. Social media rules for the workplace - for download below
  3. Protecting your digital assets 
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