13 December 2017

Social Media - protecting your business across the employee lifecycle - part 1

Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are fantastic tools for promoting and building a company’s brand, as well as gathering intelligence on markets, customer opinion and on possible recruits.

But, whilst social media offers fantastic business opportunities, it’s very easy for companies to fall foul of data protection and employment laws when vetting potential recruits. Employers also need to ensure that social media is used appropriately by employees and, importantly, to successfully protect their digital assets from being shared or stolen online.

In our new series of Social Media Advice Guides, we look at how you can protect your business across the entire employee lifecycle, including:  

  1. Vetting recruits online – dos and don’ts
  2. Social media rules for the workplace
  3. Protecting your digital assets

The first of our Social Media Advice Guides Social media – recruitment dos and don’ts is available for download below.

In this guide, we look at:

  • The benefits and risks of vetting candidates online
  • Tips to safely and securely balance digital and traditional methods of vetting
  • Legal implications, covering: data protection, discrimination, rehabilitation of offenders and human rights legislation
  • What you need to explain at the recruitment stage (i.e. house rules to protect your business)

For more information, or to register to receive copies of other advice guides in this series, contact us today. 

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Advice Guide - No1 - Social Media protecting digital assets 2017.pdf

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