11 December 2015

Managing Travel in Uncertain Times

In today's climate, a normal commute for a jet set workforce is no longer simple. Terrorist activity, severe weather conditions and air security concerns this autumn alone have had a significant impact on the safety of staff travelling on business as well as for pleasure. The subsequent disruption is a major cause for concern for staff as well as for management as they look to protect employees and keep the business on track.

Our latest advice guide provides tips on:

  • Policies, plans and procedures businesses can put in place to reassure staff when travelling for work and for pleasure
  • Options available to employees and the business to make up for lost time
  • Alternative business practices and solutions to keep your staff safe and your business on track
  • Your legal obligations regarding travel reimbursement

For more information, or to speak to one of our advisers, contact us on hello@hrnow.je or call us on 747559

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Managing Travel Disruption - how to get your staff back safe & sound_FINAL.pdf

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