9 September 2015

Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013 – An employer’s checklist

September 2014             1st Protected Characteristic of Race Discrimination

September 2015             2nd Protected Characteristic of Sex Discrimination

September 2016             3rd protected Characteristic of Age Discrimination

Prevention – the essential steps

  • Believe in equality – Leadership lead commitment and culture change
  • Update polices, handbooks, processes and include an equal opportunities policy
  • Communicate the policies to staff
  • Train staff on what behaviours are appropriate and what are not
  • Deal effectively with complaints
  • Adopt a zero tolerance policy

Immediate actions to take:

  • Educate staff – businesses are expected to inform staff of the legislative changes  
  • Inform staff that individuals, as well as employers, can have claims lodged against them
  • Review employment contracts – all staff, regardless of race or sex, must be treated equally in terms of equal pay
  • Ensure job descriptions/person specifications are based on essential job features
  • Implement anti-harassment and equal opportunity policies
  • Review recruitment campaigns – adverts, application forms, interview questions
  • Review benefits packages
  • Review dress codes
  • Review your redundancy policy
  • Review your email/internet policies – is the material appropriate?
  • Ensure you provide equal access to training
  • Consider pregnancy and maternity policies – ensure employees on leave are consulted
  • Check for pay discrepancies annually, note this formally when reviewing salaries in line with inflation
  • Consider implementing a flexible/part-time working policy – one that provides opportunities for everyone
  • Update handbooks to include your updates and then communicate these to all, checking understanding as you do so

For more information, or to find out about our e-learning package to train your staff on the new legislation, please contact becky@hrnow.je or call HR Now on 747559.

A printable copy of this checklist is available here:

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Discrimination – employers checklist July 16.pdf

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