14 July 2014

Avoiding claims for unfair dismissal

There are many aspects of the law by which companies must abide, just one of which is the right not to be unfairly dismissed. As this is by far the leader in terms of cases brought before the Jersey Employment Tribunal, the objective of this guide is to help you avoid potential claims for unfair dismissal. 

The guide covers:

  1. The five types of dismissal
  2. How to fairly dismiss someone for reasons of conduct or capability
  3. What happens when it goes wrong
  4. Steps to take

Download your copy today. 

For further information, including summaries of other laws set out below, please contact us at hello@hrnow.je or call us on 747559.

Current employment legislation (at June 2014):

  • Employment (Jersey) Law 2003
  • Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders (Jersey) Law 2001
  • Employment Relations (Jersey) Law 2007
  • Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013
  • Control of Housing & Work (Jersey) Law 2012

Full details can be found at www.jacs.org.je.

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